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Balance On Earth In my picture I have a balance scale. On one side of the scale I have an earth growing out of dirt representing the environmental aspect of life. On the other side I have an earth with cars, trucks, etc. Neither side weighs the other out. The trick is finding the balance between satisfying the human needs and the environment. You need balance...
HaremA Markers
Animals are the beauty Animal are the beauti of this globe
ismailswati Painting
We need to take care of the environment If we properly take care of this world then we can live here for ever
ismailswati Painting
Self Explanatory A self Explanatory Picture shown
ismailswati Painting
Peace through together Together we can bring peace in the world
Tags: peace, world, globe
ismailswati Painting
Espoir Mon oeuvre soigne la problématique de l’appartenance depuis une perspective techno-culturelle qui oppose la propagation du fléau de la technologie contre nos racines, culture et traditions . Notre communauté est désormais envahie par l'artificiel l’éphémère et l'illusoire . Il est grand temps que nous faisions appel à nos racines ne serait - ce...
Laghart Painting, Watercolour
The Silent spring The image shows a lonely Ibis bird on Okobaba sawmill in Lagos (this is the largest area of sawmill activity in Lagos) illustrates the fact that a great number trees are being fell (causing air pollution), some of which are used as canoes while a vast number of them are abandoned on the Lagos lagoon. Thus, this brings about the introduction of...
FelaBuyi Photography, Colour
The price of over development Enjoy the life but protect the earth at the same time
Tags: earth, life, environment
sharklin Computer Graphics
What Does Belonging Look Like? Belonging is the optimum feeling of connectedness and independence which is felt from within. Different race, nationalities, societies, communities and groups, have different thoughts about the word belonging. Belonging could be classified into three namely; association, membership and possession. Belonging by...
Tags: "Freedom, love, affection"
Decoaster Print
Yours Truly When one finds a true sense of belonging, he/she is able to see life through a new perspective because he/she no longer has to question his/her own existence and instead, seek greater truths about the world in which surrounds him/her.
Tags: world, love, friendship, belong, inspire, dream, art, paint, oil pastel, beautiful, life, live
anniechenster Mixed Media