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The Lives of the Sekolah Bisa Children (The CAN school) This submission is a video created by myself and a group of students at my school, The British School of Jakarta, Indonesia. In this video we showcase our partner school “Sekolah Bisa” and its students, all of whom are children living in the shanty towns of Jakarta. This school was created by previous students of the British School as part of...
Tags: video, shanty, shantychildren, poverty, indonesia, third-world countries
michsinggih Computer Graphics
Protect Our Home Protect the earth The earth is our home, we should take care it. To protect the earth, we should start from the minor matter. We can do a lot of things for our big home. We can green travel. Such as go to school by bus or ride bike .At the same time, you can exercise your body. It’s a really satisfy both sides. And, garbage classification is...
gpjbeijing-elsa Computer Graphics
THE POLAR BEARS Please don't pollute the air! Protect our animal friends----polar bears!
gpjbeijing-susan Computer Graphics
protect polar bears protect weather, protect animal
gpjbeijing-jojo Computer Graphics
The Belonging Tree The poster I have created illustrates primary school students from my school, The British School Jakarta (BSJ) playing and teaching students from Sekolah Bisa, which is a school created by the IB students at BSJ as a part of CAS. Sekolah BIsa provides and education as well as a hot meal everyday for over twenty children that live in the...
michsinggih Computer Graphics
The price of over development Enjoy the life but protect the earth at the same time
Tags: earth, life, environment
sharklin Computer Graphics
Dangerous primises 章润森
sharklin Computer Graphics
Dancing togather 张力威
sharklin Computer Graphics
Dawn 汪雅琪
sharklin Computer Graphics
Moonlight 郑清
sharklin Computer Graphics