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my heart your heart We belong
YouthFirst Drawing, Pastel
Diversidade Global Nós pertencemos ao mundo e o mundo pertence a diversidade cultural.
Tags: diversidade, pluralidade, mundo, globo
VagaLume Drawing, Pastel
Pertencimento de amar Amar é pertencer à diferentes lugares, coisas e pessoas.
Tags: união, amar, diversidade
VagaLume Drawing, Pastel
The Helping Hands My name is Kayedance, I am 10 years old in grade 5. My artwork is people helping others and symbolizes respect, love and peace.
tigteam Drawing, Pastel
The Diamond that Shines Colour My name is Gorgette and I am from Egypt. My art is about colours that shine from a diamond that is white. When the colours shine the diamond turns black.
tigteam Drawing, Pastel
Nature's Past My name is Eriz and I am 10 yeras old in grade 5. My artwork is about First Nation's past. In the dreamcatcher it shows scenes of how they hunt, camp fires, teepees, etc.
tigteam Drawing, Pastel
First Nations Hi my name is Zara. I am in grade 5 and 10 years old. I made the medicine wheel with feathers in the middle of the wheel. The feather wheel is peaceful with beautiful trees and in the middle there is a teepee where the First Nations live.
tigteam Drawing, Pastel
Dreamcatcher My name is Althea Lagadan in grade 5 and 10 years old. I currently live in West, Edmonton Alberta. This drawing of the dreamcatcher is a symbol of a dream that the First Nations could get along with the Europeans because of the happening in the past.
tigteam Drawing, Pastel
MORO NO ALTO ONDE VEJO TUDO Eu desenhei a praia, os barcos, com muito sol e muitas nuvens, a linha do trem. Eu moro aqui no alto, de onde vejo tudo. Os meninos “impinando arraia”. Eu não “impino”, mas tem menino que “impina” lá.
CDIBahia Drawing, Pastel
Organic garden dream We had an organic garden at school campus since 2008, my elder sisters joined the action to grow vegetables and learned more about caring our mother land, and I followed them at the first day when I am a student in Taiwan FXM. i collected more schoolmates to join us. Since Taiwan often had typhoons in summer, we observed all of the changes...
Tags: organic garden dream, school organic garden, climate change report
Cindea Drawing, Pastel