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Let’s Protect Human Rights!



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Posted on May 14, 2010
by MMM.


This is an artwork that explicitly asks people to work together and contribute to protecting... more »

This is an artwork that explicitly asks people to work together and contribute to protecting human rights. I used different colours for the three human characters symbolizing people with different backgrounds. Each one of them is pushing a part of “PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS” to the centre of the paper, signifying the fact that all people, regardless of skin colours, races religions etc., should all work together for this goal. The blue dove on the second row and the olive branch on the third row are typical symbols of peace, meaning that by protecting human rights, we can actually bring peace to the world. The other layer of message is that we should attain this goal through peaceful and nonviolent means. All the letters are capitalized; by doing so, I can convey a stronger emotion or message. More importantly, the theme of equality is presented subtly since all the letters are uppercase. The various colours also made the picture more vivid and interesting. less «



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