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My name is Fabrice Marre, originally from France but I live in Adelaide, South Autralia at the moment.
Small things can sometime have a big impact in your future. I was about twelve when I saw for the first time "The Emerald Forest". No other movie has had such a strong and lasting impact on me. As a kid,I new about deforestation but this movie opened my eyes to it like never before.

Since then, I've always had this strong fascination and respect for rainforests and nature. I knew I would go and live in the Amazon, to give my energy and make a difference and as a satellite mapping specialist, that's what I did. In the last 10 years, I've lived in 5 continents and worked on projects related to illegal fishing, illegal gold mining, deforestation and disaster management.

I believe in the power of movies and media to wake up people, it worked for me. My life is dedicated to make planet Earth a better place and I'm more than ready to act in the field and be the eye, voice and ears of the DeforestAction Borneo 3D project.


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