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Intergenerational Growing

Posted on Nov 9, 2020  |   918 views  

In this picture I am standing next to a lavatera plant in my community garden plot. Lavatera is a beautiful plant that grows to be 3-4 feet tall and is full of bright pink flowers. I didn’t know what a lavatera plant was until my grandmother sent me a little plastic envelope with small seeds inside and a piece of masking tape stuck to the outside of the envelope that had a few words written in my grandmothers beautiful handwriting; “Lavatera Seeds 2019”. What a special gift to be able to grow the seeds saved by my grandmother from plants in her own garden. I express my creativity through my garden plot, growing vegetables and bee-loving plants. I felt connected to my grandma through sowing the seeds and watching them grow and bloom. I am forever grateful to my grandma for teaching me to grow my own food and remain connected to my roots!

Alexanne Dick | 27 | Smithers | Canada

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