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Ahmed Mohamed Tammam

Thank you so much for visiting my profile it is me, a medical activist at the 6th year from Egypt do you know it ?? yes exactly.. the land of civilization yeah..The lovely old, modern, and... read more Thank you so much for visiting my profile it is me, a medical activist at the 6th year from Egypt do you know it ?? yes exactly.. the land of civilization yeah..The lovely old, modern, and beautiful country. Actually you missed a lot if you didn’t visit it before. About me hummmm!!? Well. I am so friendly, open minded, motivated, so reliable person with high interest in meeting new people and talk to them all over our SMALL village (World). I am 23 years old an optimistic person who has a strong Positive attitude that encourages me to reach my goals ,has been involved in volunteer work since 2002. Tammam is a young Egyptian activist Fluent in both Arabic and English with Basic knowledge in French .and was the ideal student at his university and Second Ideal student on Egypt at 2008. However I study medicine I am interested in policy, economy, history, geography, by my main career will be around HIV/AIDS. I also believe that the man not but what he had of money. He is by what he had of open minded friends And his effect on them. My First concern is to be one of the greatest activists in my community, Considering The issue of youth development and HIV/AIDS as a major case for my life . I had a lot of contributions with large scale of organizations at my beloved Egypt (Unicef-Unfpa-UNDP-National Youth Council of Egypt and Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS GYCA and others...) I paid at the previous five years a special concern for health issues especially Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS. But lets explain those words into actions at the health field I was the founder of a great university association Called Azhar Medical Student Association(AMSA) and I had taken the responsibility to spread the voluntarism ideology specially at my university I was coordinator for a lot of campaigns concerning HIV /AIDS and also TB campaigns . see more at our web site Read about MDGs specially AIDS, decided to held awareness campaign targeted attitude of 1500 medical students toward people living with HIV, this issue was a turning point. At the end of that year 2006, I had been chosen as the Ideal student over my college, the whole university and the 2nd Ideal student all over the Egyptian universities, one day Ms. Carrie Johnson head of International Institution for Education IIE Egypt office invited me to be the first student at my university to take the leadership course over 7 months which affected me, I felt it is the time to leave the association for another leader to practice the experience, and continue my work for my life issue HIV/AIDS. Chosen by Arab league to represent Egyptian youth around this issue at Arab youth forums 2007, 2008. At 2007 had been chosen as National focal point of Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, I took this position as challenge to develop my skills and I applied for internship at HIV/AIDS regional program at Arab States-UNDP, had been accepted to be the youngest intern at UN system at Egypt. Recently I become the Regional focal point of GYCA MENA Region, it is a new challenge I will take throughout the next 2 years,I had attended a lot of workshops, conferences at Egypt and also abroad I participate as trainer for about 66 participant from 9 Arabic countries around National Youth Policy under the Umbrella of UNICEF. Also I had been to Malaysia as one of active members at Egypt .I am also member of a team which is called (3rd eye team ) the first Egyptian team concerned with empowerment of the active participation of youth at Egypt. And a lots …… My Favorite Quote: (Be the change you want to see at the World) the life is too short to can let my dreams come true but together we can let the World listen to the Voice of Youth Aiming at changing the world to the best. I believes that young people are the key to change This is our role in life. My Friends Always feel free to contact me at any time and Feel free to leave me a note do it just now I am waiting…: Thanks for your time Have a wonderful moments Ahmed Tammam

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