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Posted on Sep 19, 2014  |   1208 views  

My moment of inclusion was at overnight camp. I went to Camp Big Canoe in Muskoka. It was very interesting! Me and my sister went together for the first time. I was pretty scared at first, because I knew nobody and it was the first time away from my family. But the first minute I came there, I knew that it was going to be an adventure packed with fun and there was nothing to be scared about. Everybody there was so nice, funny, helpful, and trustworthy and they included everybody. My favorite was the campfires, everybody sat down in a circle around the fire, singing, dancing, talking and having fun. Everybody included me and I felt part of their family. This was an important part of my life journey because it was my first time in overnight camp and I was trying new things. Like my first time sleeping in a tent, my first time having a real campfire, my first time canoeing…. Without this opportunity, I wouldn’t be able to do all those stuff. This experience influenced my identity because I became stronger. I am usually a shy person but I made new friends the first day I came there, that was a big improvement for me. Also, it was my first time actually away from my family for a whole week. Since I usually hate camping and living in the outdoors and sleeping in tents, I have become stronger and I can stand the outdoors now by myself. I also am a heavy sleeper and I wake up very late, but at camp, every morning we wake up really early and do polar bear, it was a challenge for me but I did it anyway. This experience has really changed my life and now, I have another family with me.


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