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Ha Thi Lan Anh

<p><font size="2" face="Albertus" color="#993300"> an interbeing,whos becoming somebody and nobody</font></p> <center><a <p><font face="Jokerman LET" color="#0000FF" size="3">Growth and... read more <p><font size="2" face="Albertus" color="#993300"> an interbeing,whos becoming somebody and nobody</font></p> <center><a <p><font face="Jokerman LET" color="#0000FF" size="3">Growth and Evolution are like breathing and eating...natural and intimately part of human being</font></p> <table border="2 " width="700" height="2"><td width="700" height="2"></td> </table> <center><a <p><font face="Garamond"color=#000000><b> Lan Anh is a young lady who loves adventures, music, people,colors,culture, stories, dreams, and inspirations. She has learnt a litte of organ,a little of Tyba -a traditional guitar sort of and can not play any of them... yet! Lan Anh has been a child's rights activist from the age of 13. A youth journalist, she is also the co-founder of Young Journalists Group - the first youth media organization of 300 youth of diverse backgrounds who broadcast twice a week on premier national radio and local stations.They report on news pertinent to youth, including children's rights,environment, gender issues and youth participation and empowerment. Since Young Journalists Group was created in 1998,Lan Anh and her colleagues have produced hundreds radio programmes and regularly contributed articles to over 20 print publications in Vietnam.  Lan Anh loves to use media as a creative tool to not only inform and educate young people and adults about issues affecting them but also to engage them in creating actions for positive changes.She wants to inspire this passion and share this opportunity with other peers. Another passion of hers is the youth participation movement in Vietnam.Her energy has been harnessed in several activities from organizing National Children and Youth Forums and facilitating children and youth participation in high level governmental conferences to organizing youth service projects among highschool students to support child victims of orange agent and flood disasters. Lan Anh has participated in large international conferences including the UN Special Session on Children 2001, UN Commitee on CRC session 2002,World Summit on Information Society among others.These experiences have brought her mind out of its original dimensions. She has a sense of her privileges and responsibilities as a Vietnamese woman in the interconnected world.She strives to fulfill her potentials and is curious to see how helpful she can be to the world within and beyond her own. She was an international child ambassador of Unicef at the Goodwill Games 1998,awarded Global Youth in Action and Youth Recognition of the government of Vietnam in 2002 and the youngest panelist of International Woman Forum hanoi 2000 and the Leadership Iniative Group of Vietnam to the 27th UN Special Session 2002. Lan Anh has been featured in several publications and media including " 25 Exellent Women of Vietnam 2001", Success Women of 5/2002 of Women Mag,Children's Aspiration,Young People leading change around the world,Teenage World, BBC radio,Voice of Vietnam,VietnamTV,People Newspaper,New World Mag,Youth Mag,etc.  She is co-author and has chapters in books including Children's Aspiration, Dynamic Korea,My Teacher of the New World . Lan Anh is involved in a number of youth initiatives based in Vietnam and internationally.She was a youth advisor to the Minister on children's issues in Vietnam. She is working to get more working and differently-abled children and youth involved in learning and using media and technology and other means of creativy so as to build better approach to life. While thinking technology is incredible,Lan Anh is deeply attached to human communications. Her interests keep enlarging and she aspires to enrich her knowledge through living in different cultures and enjoying dialogues with people of diversity.She has a trust that everyone is special and has something that can enlighten or inspire her.She will be very happy if she can be of a bit of inspiration to any of them.  She bubles with energy for learning and dreams.Adding to the quite long list of interests below, she wants to explore photoghraphy,guitar n drums,colors playing,human nature,a bit of cooking,Spanish,Arabic n other musical languages...the list keeps going on.Hopefully she will find time to do some of them soon. Lan Anh's circle of friend always has an open space. ?!</font> </p> <table border="2" width="700" height="2"><td width="700" height="2"></td> </table>

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