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Cai quat tran cua toi

Posted on Apr 15, 2003  |   1892 views  

Everytime im bored, i look at the ceiling and there it is ,standing still old and unruffled Every summer day, when the heat burn me outside in, from the ceiling ,it breaths down cool breezes to pamper me. It is ancient, old fashioned,obsolete. But with my back on the bed,being lazy bone, i love looking at the ceiling and there find the tranquility in that obsolete thing.In summer time, it noisy sounds makes me thing of the moquitoes which i hate and the laughters which i miss. It makes me feel good even in winter time when it stands there dead, useless.Under the very same obsolete thing, she used to play with me,comb my hair or pamper me.Under the very same thing, we used to watch TV and did not care what the hell computer was...You always watch us from above and now when i look at you you are screening all those beautiful pictures back to me.Oh grandma... How old are you? Ahh you are much much much older than me. 25 isnt it? OLD!! haha. Old and SLOW!But i love you so. But its time you should take a rest you know? Like grandma, you never rest.


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