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Posted on Mar 5, 2002  |   4874 views  

so this another piece of my brother's arts..a dragon pic.. <br /> he has many dragon pics and this one of my fav.. <br /> whaaz so special about dragon? <br /> In asian culture its one of the greatest animals.. <br /> symbol of power,intelligence,nobleness.. so everywhere from the pagodas gate to the king's shirt ... therez images of dragons... <br /> Hanoi my city's original name is THang Long which means "flying dragon".. <br /> AND ;last but never least.. my mom's horoscope is a DRAGON! .. <br /> <br /> ;;;;) the title of the art is in Vietnamese it means Children of Dragons and Goddess..This is related to the The Legendary Origins .The pics lead us ,the young people especially ones like my brother who is growing up in a western country ,to think about our identity, our origin... <br />


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