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Posted on Jan 22, 2010  |   4404 views  

. As you traverse through the Himalayan range you discover the geographic variation from the lush green lands to the beautiful valleys and tropical jungles. Such variation is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. There are various destinations to be visited in the Himalayas. With variations in the climate, vegetation and geographical characteristics each place is distinct from the other. The tribes and the people of Himalayas showcases their own rich culture and heritage of the region. Himalayas is considered paradise on earth. Its scenic beauty is just a visual treat. It rejuvenates the body and soul. The mystic beauty of the Himalayas has attracted people from across the world. Other than the popular holiday destination Himalayas is also known for certain places, which are still unexplored. So if you want to walk down the green and flowery meadows and climb up the rugged mountains than Himalayas is the perfect destination. So don't wait come and explore the greatest gift of nature.


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