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It's Been Hyggeligt !

"Oh! To be Danish", an essay, was the first thing I read about Denmark prior my exciting experience to it, at that time.. I could only know it by name.. 'Danmark' where the story of "Hamlet" took place. I had had no certain expectations about something I had very few knowledge about, don't remember being afraid though.., having no expectations, I guess, was the cause of excitement and still changed nothing of how great it was to go through the experience. Since day 1, I had a so-called mission…trying to find out; Why is it "Oh"! To be Danish!, what's so special about Danish people ; for this i had to live the lifestyle of the Danish people, trying so hard to understand and learn about many things starting from the "Dannebrog & Wienerbrod" till the "hygge"..,the kinda things that could be of no importance to those who are not Danish… though it's so much for them. Yet I couldn't find a clear satisfying answer! And how was I supposed to see the answer when I spend most of the time looking among details..!! It only came to me later, the answer within the title; "Oh to be Different" is what makes Danish people so special..! The kinda things I had experienced and learned through this intercultural experience is more than just things I could list, it's more or less a bunch of feelings and impressions that influence the way I look to the others & the way I look to my community and myself ! I dedicate this Album to my Host families; Marianna, Peter, Tove, John & all their relatives and friends... Defiantly my experience wouldn't have been so great without your love and support. Hope you enjoy the Exhibit. ( I'm still working on da exhibit!)