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Gareth O'Connor, Action Agent

Posted on Mar 18, 2011  |   3825 views  

G'day Guys! This is my Action Agent Audition for Project Borneo 3D. I am a Traceur, which is the name for Parkour practitioners. Parkour is a really unique athletic discipline that is all about respecting your envirnment while travelling through in the most effective way simply as a man (or woman). Parkour can be done anywhere (except maybe desert plains). We vault, jump, climb and generally overcome obstacles in our path as we move through our environment. Traceurs are often hired to do stunts for action films like Jackie Chan movies or the latest 007 Bond film. So, yeah I can do my own stunts, lol :). I've trained in Martial Arts, can dance, and am an actor in training. This project is truly a dream opportunity for me to meld my comprehensive and specifically relevant tertiary education in my B.SocSc with my acting, entrepreneurial fervour and action film worthy skills :). For more info on Project Borneo please visit Hope you love it! Respect, Gareth


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