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Mask: Human Trafficking by Dannie Legacy

Posted on Dec 4, 2012  |   2744 views  

I decided that making a mask about it would provide more information about the topic, and hopefully spike someone’s attention to do something about this ongoing problem we have in our society. The way I decided to present my topic is not with words or direct pictures, but instead, with colour and with structure. I started the mask by using tin foil because it’s a harsh media and I can shape it easily to what I want it to be. The mask itself in structure is ugly, but this shows that it is an ugly topic and nothing is sweet or perfect about it. I then painted the mask white because white is a symbol of perfection and innocence. It also symbolizes the excessive makeup these young girls have to wear to look “pretty”. Then there is a large ripping in the face symbolizing that their innocence is taken away by being forced into sex and losing their childhood. Underneath the rip it is painted black, to represent depression, pain, bruising, what they actually feel. These girls are left in dark places and feel nothing but sadness and fear all their lives. I’ve put mirror to represent that they look like you, me and everyone else. They look so much like us that you wouldn’t even realize what they are going through unless they told you. I used chains representing them being trapped, locked up, unable to escape. Even if they were to escape the place they are in now and make a new life, those thoughts will always hold them down. Their lives are changed afterwards.


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