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HABITAT-Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE". THE STEP for sustainability.

Posted on Sep 27, 2007  |   3022 views  

We have found one of the branch of the Milky Way spiral-spiral galaxy. The Material and energy in journey in spirals. It Is Encoded in our nature DNA. Using spiral principle DNA for design of the houses. The Priority Project-author of the patent in 1991 "Folding frame-based shell netted rotation and model to usefulness of the certificate No. 8380, 04 E B1/343. THE INVENTOR - SHEVNIN YURIY purpose of the project:production shell netted rotation (principle DNA). Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE" is an unique educational ambience for student. The Design of the workshop for production, packing netted (mesh) frames, can minimize the energy costs and material. The Diameter of the Project Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE"- 5 metres. With mounted stove in the centre to be warmed and processing the metal. Membrane Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE"- consists of steel folding mesh frames, three layers to insulation (polyethylene, carbon, glass filament), cement, sheet metal, veneer, fabrics.


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