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This became extremely interesting. One thing I'll just point out to you is that the protein shells of all the viruses turned out to be all geodesic structured, and all on the icosahedron because the icosahedron gives you the most volume with the least energy quanta to give you the greatest strength. So the virus shells are incredibly strong because they are all geodesics. And within the DNA-RNA we find this helical. Now, if you take tetrahedra and put fasten tetrahedra face to face with another tetrahedron at this point you could have another tetrahedron added onto this face here or this face here, you have two choices. If you do, and you keep adding on at the same rate, you'll find that it makes a screw form it makes a helix and this is the tetrahelix.-R.B.FULLER And, if you count your tetrahedra go up, every ten you get a cycle in fact only tetrahedra bring about helixes. So the very identity of the DNA-RNA helix comes immediately right back to our friend tetrahedron. Now we're getting down to some very, very intimate things as the basic building structure of universe, and Publik Art-Spiral Art. I consider this activity as one of importance, not onli to provaide technology transfer, but to further understanding and cooperation between our countries. Please let me know what informatioon would be of interest and artist.