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Who Am I? What a question.... Im Lu. I paint and design anything from tattoos and wall murals to advertisements and skateboard decks. I go to University at York. Im a History Major, which means... read more Who Am I? What a question.... Im Lu. I paint and design anything from tattoos and wall murals to advertisements and skateboard decks. I go to University at York. Im a History Major, which means I study wars, leaders and bad people who your ancestors had to deal with. Im a Visual Arts minor too, which means im kinda an artsy fartsy. Drawing. i love to draw. I like to write a lot..writing is my outlet a lot of the time: along with playing my guitar and sketching out anything I feel needs to be put on paper. Im musically obsessive. i love my guitars. Music is the trigger of all emotion. I go to music shows: From professional rock mosh pits to underground "Who are you's?". Everyone is entitled to a time to shine. Im interested and involved in the political spectrum. I traveled to Washington and Ottawa to talk to people who we call "leaders": which is linked to work for the UN. In my opinion, most governments are corrupt anyway. Warning: I have a strong opinion on a lot of things. Im an art director for the City of Vaughan and im currently working on making local bands known through this position. Caution: I have a pretty open mind to a lot of things. Most likely ill respect you and your opinion. I think equality is important...and if you dont then thats okay, but i wont like you much. I admire the strive in others through competition and athletics & leadership. Im a pitcher: which means I throw the ball to batters when i play softball. I could hit the ball too. I think that ladies athletics should be recognized on a higher level of achievement. In between the professional, serious "big girl" things like school and work, i remember that im 20. Sometimes i do way too many things at one time..which is a bad habit. I fall off my skateboard and put my amp on way to loud. Sharp Turn Ahead: The people i care about mean a lot to me. Culture and Religion need to be explored. People need to not take life so seriously, and breathing is important from time to time. Ive learned that things arent always perfect, people change and that if you do stupid things, you are going to get stupid results. Im far from perfect.I bite my nails, i stay up way too late and get up too early. I do have a backbone with things but i dont like enemies much. If you have something to say: I'd like to hear it. the truth is important, so is being happy. I'd like to taste a little but of everyone before i die. Stand for something & add some exclamation marks to your life. Remember: Just because its not infront of you, doesnt mean its not real. Im a believer in faith, hope and destiny..its just sometimes that i need proof. I assure you that I'll leave my mark and place my foot in everything possible. One day, I'll run this world, you'll see. Nothing is an original of yourself: you are the combined effort of those around you. Dont sweat the small stuff.Live a little. Enjoy, Luisa Pariselli UrbanZenStudios Fine Artist Favorite Books: Adolf Hitler-Mein Kampf (insanity vs. genius) Anthony Kiedis-Scar Tissue Fall On Your Knees-Anne M.Macdonald Margaret Atwood- A Handmaid's Tale Rohnton Mistry-A Fine Balance, Family Matters A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius-Dave Eggers Rainer Maria Rilke- Letters to A Young Poet Douglas Coupland-Hey Nostradamus! Kathleen Tarcy- Angelina Jolie Suzanna Kaysen-Girl, Interrupted Jane Jacobs-Dark Age Ahead Elaine N. Aron-The Highly Sensitive Person Favorite Music: Acid Jazz, Rock, Indie, Tasteful HipHop, Trance...anything with a beat. Dredg Damien Rice Dallas Green Finley Quaye Telepopmusik System of a Down The Mars Volta The Distillers Queens of the Stoneage Alix Olsen Billy Talent Incubus The Used Dashboard Confessional The Muse Thornley Audioslave Red Hot Chilli's Foo Fighters The Frames Chevelle Minus the Bear Finger Eleven A Perfect Circle At The Drive In Tool Death From Above 1979 Breaking Benjamin Finch STP's Treblecharger Disturbed Coheed & Cambria Trapt Thrice Team Sleep Staind Radiohead Pilate NIN Matthew Good M.Manson Jane's Addiction Glassjaw Engine Down Deftones Big Wreak Audioslave Puddle Of Mudd Death Cab For Cutie Underoath Teagan and Sara Eisley The Garden State Soundtrack Alexisonfire Nirvana The Yeah Yeah Yeah's Arctic Monkeys Fallout Boy Favorite People: Brody Dalle, Josh Hommes Angelina Jolie, Nej Neales Tina Fey, Julia Roberts Anthony Kiedis, Brandon Boyd Movies: Girl Interrupted (Anything Angelina) Brokeback Mountain Life or Something Like It Gia A League of their Own Bad News Bears A Requiem for a Dream Garden State Dumb and Dumber Billy Madison ( Anything Adam Sandler) My Girl (Poor Vada Sultenfus and Thomas Jay) Pretty F'in Woman My Best Friends Wedding ( Anything Julia Roberts) Conspiracy Theory Lord of War Munich Romeo and Juliet The Patriot All Quiet On the Western Front Dead Poets Society Mac and Me The Goonies The Neverending Story Willow The Princess Bride Edward Scissor Hands Hostage Beauty and the Beast ( oh yes ) Goodbye Lennon Honey I Shrunk the Kids Foxfire Encino Man Home Alone Better then Chocolate Inspirational Artists: Claes Oldenburg, Salvador Dali, Ansel Adams, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh, Jeremy Blake, Tamsin Plant, Tapies Antoni, Germaine Koh Other Links to hit: I look forward to you taking an adventure through my mind.

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