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The People Who Make the Flag

Posted on Feb 29, 2012  |   2662 views  

Hello, my name is Sara Joy Chamberlain and my painting is titled “The People who Make the Flag. Canada is about the people and ideas that come from every one of’ these people. We are all unique individuals who love this country and everything about it1. We have the freedom to say what we think, and the happiness to laugh about the things we find funny. We can smile. We can be ourselves, and each and every one of us helps to make Canada what it is. It’s something special to belong to a multicultural nation, a family of people who believe in peace and acceptance. In this painting, the flag’s colors have been painted inversed to show that it is the people, who all have the same red blood in their veins, who make Canada. It is the words, the thoughts and various opinions, that complete the perfection of this country. The people are painted in black and white to show that the right for freedom and respect is color blind. The idea in this painting is that as different as everybody and all their ideas are, as well as that they are spoken in the two official languages, they all work well together. They make something worthwhile, and even a bit beautiful. It’s an unsorted mishmash, but instead of looking chaotic they fit like pieces of a puzzle. To represent our pride in our veterans and our willingness to fight for what we believe is right; one of the girls is portrayed in a navy cadet’s uniform. Even as a woman, she also has the freedom to fight for her rights and her country. Every one of the people in the painting are teenagers, most of whom will go on to follow their dreams and help others to do the same. It shows that as much as our history is important, so is our future. To me and everyone who contributed to this painting, the future looks bright. Sara Chamberlain DOB June 14, 1994 Bathurst , N.B.


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