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Heal to discover

Posted on Nov 21, 2019  |   1021 views  

This painting means to evoke colorful beauty, hope and healing to the viewer. This piece was done using watercolors, in order to represent the importance of water and oceans, not only to sustain life and bring equilibrium, but to express ourselves. The focal point is the Iris Flower, this blossom was chosen due to its wide variety of colors and healing properties. The blue tone was chosen because it symbolizes faith and hope, that we will join forces and prevent the detrimental advancements of climate change. Behind the flower there's a warm hue of colors, this is meant to represent the global warming that we are experiencing and how its effects are damaging important ecosystems such as the coral Reef. The vibrant coral reefs have been known for holding one of the most diverse ecosystems in the planet; furthermore, they are the habitats of several marine organisms. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to this lively and important ecosystem, as people who should care about their surroundings, we should protect and heal the coral reefs. Last but not least, the worn out paper surrounding the piece, is meant to give a glimpse of the wonders of the ocean that we have discovered; however, we are not able to see the rest that is hidden; this symbolizes the mysteries that we are yet to discover.

Camila Castro | 17 | La Guácima | Costa Rica

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