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Posted on Jun 15, 2020  |   1045 views  

As a black person living in American I have so much fear. I have fear for myself and the people that look like me. In addition to the fear, I am very angry. At times, these feelings can motivate me to be active in my community to make a change. However, I have to admit that I feel hopeless. What does it say about our society that the police can senselessly kill a man as he calls out for his life. I worry that someone would feel entitled to take my life or the life of someone I love. No one should have to die because of their race and my identity, and yet there have been so many lives lost. I made this piece to feel hopeful. Hope becomes more complicated as I get older. I know its important, but in times like these its really hard to keep it. It seemed that the best way evoke hope was to read the words of activists before me. As usual their words were inspiring and they help me find the strength to be active and fight another day. The piece has large, prominent fonts that represent bold calls to action, but if you look closely at the bottom you'll see the lyrics of a Donny Hathaway song. At times, I'll think of those words, call a friend and hope for a day of justice and equality. Materials: Wrapping paper, Uni - Poscas, Elmer's glue, Sharpie Pen

Maymunah Stroud | 25 | Clarkson | United States

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