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Waste Material Item

Posted on Jun 1, 2005  |   4182 views  

The photograph shows a peace of hand craft work. The item which can serve as a stool, a side table, a flower vase stand, a fruit basket or a letter box. It is made of waste wood from bamboo brunning, thin canes.The binding material is tree buck. No glue and no cash spend in the making. One person can make six peaces per day. A peace can sell for twenty dollars. The top is made of sea grass skin which is twisted to make a stringor a thin rope. The string is arranged into four and woven to form square design. It is a very neat staff. This is a photo by Grace. The sea grass to can serve for a stool top,a coffee table, sideboard,a baby table,or just a set of table table mats. My personal concern is to inspire the young people on potential,for productive involvement. This would contribute to economic growth, and poerty reduction.and economic. Poverty be eradicated, since some economic deprivation is man made. The first step is to identify the nature and the cause of poverty, the available resources including the subject,and mobolize them all for poverty eradication. Thank you very much. Grace Thank you very much. Grace Kenya.


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