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Life is...

Posted on Dec 19, 2003  |   3123 views  

Life is what you value and what you would like to be.Life is an innate thought, It is a series of imaginations, determinations,and plans.Life is copanionship/partnership.Life is a resultant factor of influence.Life is ones values,desires to achieve,a series of dreams tobe caused to come true.Life is tricky,life is fun.Yet life ca be an offence to others. Life is personal atittude /evaluation. Note,To my right,the beards are a grass scenery cut out from a catoon background,the right side cheek is a cut out from someones head in a news paper picture.The left side mask is a cut out from shoulderlong hair in a catoon picture.The picture is not aimed to ruin but to amuse. Thank you very much.Please pardon me for Ihad not checked the space scope.



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