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Fahim Payab

<a href="" title="Fahim Payab's Facebook profile" target=_TOP><img src="" border=0 alt="Fahim Payab's Facebook profile"></a> “Recent news about the... read more <a href="" title="Fahim Payab's Facebook profile" target=_TOP><img src="" border=0 alt="Fahim Payab's Facebook profile"></a> “Recent news about the war and violence in Afghanistan has led people to think in a different way into politics. The International society is struggling to bring peace/ find a way to get peace into this region of the world, but due to the fact that the international community itself is involved in this dispute. Till the time the international community doesn’t realize that peace is relatively dependent on the dilemma and curiosity that they have in this region, no Peace is expected” Hi, this is me Fahim or you may call me payab. I joined TIG to get to know youth around the world and to make international friends in order to discuss different issues which are making a huge change in this world politically, educationally, technically, economically, etc. Development is something to which we all seek and ideas about the best means of achieving our own aspirations and needs are potentially as old as human civilization. Youths can be the best doer of different forms of development in the world. The need for the participation of youth in this issue is very vital. However, youths are too much associated in order to work for the beneficial strategies for the development of mankind but they can not alone meet the achievement so they should be supported by any supportive foundations, so that they are directed to theirs success. Accepting the necessity and desirability of development in the future was the essential prerequisite for the global community to start taking action. Measures taken by youths at various spatial scales with the explicit aim of moving towards development have escalated over the last five years. An economics system that provides solutions for the tensions arising from disharmonious development can be worked out by Youths. Recession in Economy can badly affect the development. We can say that economics is the source to the different forms of development in this world. Youths can develop the economy through solving the inequality in policies, laws and orders of certain areas. A technological system that fosters sustainable patterns of trade and finance should be organized by the youths to come over the blunder in the economic system of the world. Political development refers to the importance of securing a stable regulatory framework in order to protect, promote, and support community and their activities, with special attention to the specific needs of the poorest sectors. Youths must work for achieving these requirements which can lead to a perfect polity (Organized Society). The need for attention to political development as an aspect of human development is underscored by the continuing process of globalization and various socio political responses to it. Youths can play an important role in development of social enhancement of the world. We can say that in each society youths are under consideration for their participation in certain issues .One of the basic needs in nowadays societies is welfare (well-being, happiness, health and prosperity) which should be undertaken by the youths. Youths supposed to work for a perfect society, in which equality should be preferred, which means each and every individual should be given his rights to work for his society. Youths can prove their selves with their best efforts for the development of Economics, Society and Polity of the World. For my Afghanistan i will try my best to help it stand on its roots again. Nowadays the situation in my country is day by day getting better in some context not all, so we have a good opportunity to not only try but (must) do struggle for our needs. The Youngsters of Afghanistan from all around the world should participate in rebuilding of their country. Any questions just drop me a PM or Mail ! thanks

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