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Acess Points

Access Points are community centers in locations globally that connect individual users with Information Age options for accessing free education, global marketplaces, social interaction with other cultures, and a space for earning wealth where their account receives equal compensation for their labor. Access Points are supported by the Peace Portal Humanitarian Trust through endowments, grants, or purchases of equipment such as PlayPumps, One Laptop per Child computers, Aprovecho Rocket Stoves, Inveneo ICT systems, and Room to Read Schools. Access Point locations allow for an integrated plan to cooperatively: * Develop buildings with computers, clean energy, and staff; * Create a school for kids and adults in the computer room; * Offer a place to exchange locally made goods or services using "credit"; * Provide health care access with tele-medicine technology; * Install Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs); and * Connect projects and beneficiaries on the ground with the entire Peace Portal collective of partners and beneficiaries.

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