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Frederick Bernas

<TABLE BORDER=1><TR><TD><center><FONT SIZE=4><FONT COLOR=#FF0000><U><B>Calling all Londoners / people interested in London!</U></B></FONT></FONT></center> <I><center><FONT SIZE=3><FONT... read more <TABLE BORDER=1><TR><TD><center><FONT SIZE=4><FONT COLOR=#FF0000><U><B>Calling all Londoners / people interested in London!</U></B></FONT></FONT></center> <I><center><FONT SIZE=3><FONT COLOR=#0033FF>I've just started a new group called <B>TIG London</B>. I thought it would be a cool idea to try and create a network of all TIG members in the city, so we can share information on upcoming events and maybe collaborate on projects... But it's not restricted to people living here - still join if you're simply interested in the city, want to visit or have any questions.</I></FONT> <FONT SIZE=4><FONT COLOR=#0033FF><A HREF="">Click here to check it out!</A></FONT></FONT></I></TABLE> <marquee><FONT SIZE=3><FONT COLOR=#0033FF><B>Hello! / Привет / Bonjour / Jambo / Hola / Zdravo / Labas / Salut!</B></FONT></FONT></marquee> <BR>Well... there's quite a lot I could write here but that might get boring, so here's a few things about me: thoughtful, a bit random, inquisitive, friendly, adventurous, sociable, talkative, love travelling, active, musical, laugh a lot, energetic, enthusiastic, imaginative I've done lots of work in the field of youth participation and empowerment, including involvement in the <A HREF=""target="_blank">UK Youth Parliament</A> and a number of other projects which have stemmed from that. The best thing for me was being selected to represent the UK's entire population of young people at the <A HREF=""target="_blank">2005 UN General Assembly</A> in New York. I've written a blog about the work this role has involved: <A HREF=""target="_blank">click here!</A> <FONT SIZE=2><B><A HREF=""target="_blank">Click here for my TIG Member Story :)</A></B></FONT> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <FONT SIZE=3><FONT COLOR=#0033FF><B>Brief Biography</B></FONT></FONT> For the last three years, 20-year-old Frederick has been involved in a wide variety of work in the fields of youth participation and empowerment – mostly in his home city, London. First elected as a Member of the <A HREF=""target="_blank">UK Youth Parliament</A> in February 2004, he has won further elections within this organisation to board level and is also now on the Executive Council of ESSA, the <A HREF=""target="_blank">English Secondary Students’ Association</A>. In May 2005 Frederick was selected as one of three UK Youth Delegates to the UNGA60 and since then has participated in the <A HREF=""target="_blank">World Youth Congress</A>, the UN youth reps’ preparatory gathering in Sweden and the <A HREF=""target="_blank">Helsinki Conference</A> on ‘Mobilising Political Will’ before attending the GA in New York. Back in London he currently holds a position as a youth participation worker and enjoys occasional work as a freelance journalist, in addition to learning four musical instruments, playing different sports and studying languages (Russian and Spanish at the moment). In October 2006 he began a Politics and Russian degree at the <A HREF=""target="_blank">University of Bristol</A>. <I>Auf schlectem Deutsch</I> Seit zwei Jahren, 19-jähriger Frederick hat viel Jugendbeteiligungarbeit gemacht - meistens in London, wo er wohnt. In Februar 2004 hat er eine Wahl für das UK Jugendparlament gesiegt und jetzt er ist auf die Abteilung an dieses organisation. Er ist auch auf der Ministerrat an der neues Englisches Oberschülerunion. Im Mai 2005 er war eins auf drei Jugenddelegierten zu der Vereinten Nationen aussucht. Seit der Zeit er war ein Tagungsteilnehmer in viel international Jugendtägungen, vor er der UN-Generalversammlung für ein Monat besucht. Zurück in London er arbeitet als Jugendarbeiter und ein bisschen freiberuflich Journalismus arbeiten gemacht. Er lernt vier Musikinstrumente, spielt verschiedene Sporten und studiert Sprachen (Russisch und Spanisch im Moment). In September 2006 er werdet ein Politikkurs im Bristol Universität anfangen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <FONT SIZE=3><FONT COLOR=#0033FF><B>Extended Information</B></FONT></FONT> (if you're still reading...) <FONT SIZE=2.5><B><U>Organisations</U></B></FONT> <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">UK Youth Parliament</A></I> - London region Corporate Trustee, elected 2005 - London region Procedures Group representative, 2004-05 - Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for Hounslow, 2004-05 <i><A HREF=""target="_blank">English Secondary Students’ Organisation</a></i> - London Executive Council Member, elected 2005 <i><A HREF=""target="_blank">London 2012 Olympic Games</a></i> - Organiser of youth forum and events, 2004-present <i><A HREF=""target="_blank">UN Youth and Students’ Association</A></i> / <I><A HREF=""target="_blank":> UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office</A></I> - UK Youth Delegate to UN 60th General Assembly, 2005 <A HREF=""target=_blank">[press release]</A> <i><A HREF=""target="_blank">City of Westminster</A> Youth Service</i> - Youth Participation Worker, March-May 2006 <i><A HREF=""target="_blank">Hounslow Youth Service</A></i> - Youth Participation Worker, June 2005-August 2006 - Awarded “Male Young Person of the Year”, 2005 <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Greater London Authority</A></I> - Young Londoners' Network Steering Group Member, 2004-05 <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Department for Constitutional Affairs</A></I> - Organiser/Facilitator of Schools Conference, 2004 <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Chiswick Community School</A></i> - Organiser/Facilitator of Pupil Parliament, 2004-05 <FONT SIZE=2.5><U><B>Media</U></B></FONT> <U>Writing:</U> <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Young People Now</I> magazine</a> <A HREF=""target="_blank">[sample]</A>, <I><a href=""target="_blank">0-19</I> magazine</a> <A HREF=""target="_blank">[sample]</A>, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">a yoUNg view</I> – UN Youth Delegates’ newsletter</a> (editor), <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">New World</I> – United Nations Association magazine</A>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA) <I>Involving Children and Young People 2005 Action Plan</A></I> – young people’s version (editor), <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Bulb</I> magazine</A>, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">HM</I> - Hounslow Magazine</A>, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Positive News</A></I>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">World Youth Congress website</A> <A HREF=""target="_blank">[sample]</A>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">UK Youth Parliament website</a>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">English Secondary Students’ Organisation website</a>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">Chiswick W4 website</a>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">Hounslow Youth Service website</a>, <I>Brentford/Chiswick/Isleworth Times</I> and other local newspapers, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Boots ‘n All</I> travel website</a> <A HREF=""target="_blank">[sample]</A>, <I>ACE</I> tennis magazine, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">FansFC</I> football website</a>, TIG <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Panorama</A></I>, <I>Chiswick Eye</I> school magazine (editor). <U>Photography:</U> <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Young People Now</A></I>, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">a yoUNg view</A></I>, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">HM</I></A>, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Positive News</A></I>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">World Youth Congress website</A>, <I><A HREF=""target="_blank">Boots ‘n All</I></a>, <I><A HREF=""target="-blank">World66</I> travel website</a>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">TIG Global Gallery</A>, <A HREF=""target="_blank">flickr gallery</A>. <U>Blog:</u> <a href=""target="_blank"></A> <FONT SIZE=2.5><U><B>International Events</U></B></FONT> <A HREF=""target="_blank">UN Commission on Sustainable Development</A> (14th Session) New York, USA 1-12 May 2006 “Nothing about us without us” <A HREF=""target="_blank">OBESSU</A> European School Students’ Convention Campobasso, Italy 14-19 December 2005 <A HREF=""target="_blank">[blog]</A> UN Youth Delegates’ Evaluation Meeting Geneva, Switzerland 9-11 December 2005 <A HREF=""target="_blank">[blog]</A> <A HREF=""target="_blank">European Union Regions’ Youth Leaders’ Summit 2005</A> Vilnius, Lithuania <A HREF=""target="_blank">[photos]</A> 29 November-3 December 2005 <A HREF=""target=_blank">[blog]</A> <A HREF=""target="_blank">World Programme of Action for Youth Ten-year Review</A> <A HREF=""target="_blank">UN 60th General Assembly</A> <A HREF=""target="_blank">[blog]</A> New York, USA <A HREF=""target="_blank">[photos]</A> 3-7 October 2005 <A HREF=""target="_blank">Helsinki Conference</A> Helsinki, Finland <A HREF=""target="_blank">[photos]</A> 4-10 September 2005 <A HREF=""target="_blank">[blog]</A> UN Youth Delegates’ Informal Preparatory Gathering Uppsala, Sweden 26-28 August 2005 <A HREF=""target="_blank">[blog]</A> <A HREF=""target="_blank">3rd World Youth Congress</A> Stirling, Scotland <A HREF=""target="_blank">[photos]</A> 28 July-7 August 2005 <FONT COLOR=#0099FF><A HREF=""target="_blank">[blog]</A></FONT> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <center><style type="text/css"> div.lastfm_quilt_black a,div.lastfm_quilt_black div { height: 20px; margin: 0; overflow: hidden; text-decoration: none; padding: 0; background: url("") repeat-x 0 0; width: 100%; float: right; display: inline;}div.lastfm_quilt a:hover { background-position: 0 0 !important;} {if $orientation=='horizontal'}div.lastfm_quilt_horizontal { width: 460px;}div.lastfm_quilt_black a.lastfm_quilt_artists_wide,div.lastfm_quilt_black a.lastfm_quilt_artists_wide:hover { background: url("") no-repeat 0 -20px;}div.lastfm_quilt_black a.lastfm_quilt_albums_wide,div.lastfm_quilt_black a.lastfm_quilt_albums_wide:hover { background: url("") no-repeat 0 -20px;}{else}div.lastfm_quilt_vertical { width: 184px;}div.lastfm_quilt_black a.lastfm_quilt_artists,div.lastfm_quilt_black a.lastfm_quilt_artists:hover { background: url("") no-repeat 0 -20px;}div.lastfm_quilt_black a.lastfm_quilt_albums,div.lastfm_quilt_black a.lastfm_quilt_albums:hover { background: url("") no-repeat 0 -20px;}{/if}div.lastfm_quilt_black .lastfm_quilt_profile a,div.lastfm_quilt_black .lastfm_quilt_profile a:hover { background: url("") no-repeat 0 -20px;}div.lastfm_quilt_black .lastfm_quilt_noprofile a,div.lastfm_quilt_black .lastfm_quilt_noprofile a:hover { background: url("") no-repeat 0 -20px;}div.lastfm_quilt a.get_your_own { width: 92px; border-right: solid 1px #000000;}div.lastfm_quilt a.visit { width: 91px; background-position: -93px -20px;}div.lastfm_quilt a.visit:hover { background-position: -93px 0 !important;}</style><div class="lastfm_quilt lastfm_quilt_horizontal lastfm_quilt_black"> <a class="lastfm_quilt_artists_wide" title="Top artists" href=""></a> <embed src="" flashvars="type=user&variable=Rapscallion87&file=topartists&bgColor=black&configMode=true" quality="high" bgcolor="#000000" width="460" height="138" name="quilts_main" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="never" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" /> <div class="lastfm_quilt_profile"> <a class="visit" title="View my profile" href=""></a> <a class="get_your_own" title="Get your own" href=""></a> </div> </div> </center>

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