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Posted on Jan 14, 2006  |   1243 views  

Only being teenagers people begin to understand the sense of the death. A child sees the sense of the death differently. For him/her the death is travel to an unknown land. For a teenager the death is loss of the man, loss of the contact with this man. When a teenager comes across the death of dear man, he feels pain, fear, void and despair. The feelings of a teenager lost his dear man are reflected in my picture. Yellow and green lines show the life of the man. Light gray mist symbolizes man’s soul leaving, and red spot in the center of my picture is a new soul’s habitat. Smooth yellow and green lines are moving into light gray lines, which show man’s development. Changing of gray lines by big red spot reflects a process of the death. In such way I imagined the death when I was 14 yeas of age.


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