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Lahoot La-Makkan || A World beyond Corporeal Existence

Posted on Oct 17, 2012  |   1940 views  

Lahoot is an Islamic mythological term for the world beyond the corporeal existence. From the people's gossips and stories I heard a lot about this spiritual and secret place of Lahoot situated in District Khuzdar, Baluchistan province of Pakistan. From some of the known Lahooti people I have learned that Lahoot Lamakan is unique symbol in creation of universe. In my point of view this pedestrian's Journey and 03 days festival of thousands of Lahootis is very strange and mysterious to public eye. Some people say that Lahoot Lamakan is a place where Hazrat Adam (E.S) was positioned, some says Noh's Arc was landed here and many more stories, myths and believes..... But the longest journey of Lahootis is famous here they are coming here to attain the spiritual relaxation, sympathy and mercy of God. Pedestrian Lahootis are completing this journey in fourteen days by crossing tough mountains and rivers by foot.


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