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Do Something To Improve

Posted on Nov 25, 2020  |   961 views  

As quarantine hits. Staf gets bored and has nothing to do. Sitting in front of tv all day became boring and now Staf must find a way to get out of boredom. Little did he know that boredom led to depression. One day Staf sat on the couch and was just scrolling through channels. It was miserable. So Staf decided to go get some fresh air then realizes his workout gears. Staf remembers that even though parks are closed, he can use his yard to get in shape and prepare for basketball season so that once quarantine is over, he’s the best of the best. Not only that but the workout brought him some joy and no longer was bored. From then, Staf works out consistently.

Staf-Herley Jean-Gilles | 16 | United States

MediumMixed Media

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