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Dignity in Labor

Posted on Nov 17, 2003  |   4916 views  

Its all about an average African youth. We, at the early stage of life, we engaged in our parents' occupation, most especially in farming so as to sustain the family's income. We do these with pride and dignity not knowing really that it is an abuse as a youth. The artwork depict the average setting of an African village with youths ploughing the farm with a cow, a girl during the haverst of maize, the family eating the harvest together and the boy pounding one of the African delicacy -pounded yam with the wooden mortar and pestle far bigger than his own body frame. All works are with dignity and pride to we African youth, believing that one day the Bill Gates-like among us will emerge and make us proud. Artwork: size -4.9x6.9 in. Medium -Phtographs with computer manipulation.


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