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A web of broken promises

Posted on May 24, 2010  |   1927 views  

Although we promised 'never again' groups have repeatedly been targeted since the Holocaust for differences in religion, ethnicity, etc. This web shows that we are all responsible for not living up to the promise of never again, and shows the violent and geoncidal occasions that have happened since the 1948. It was made of recycled or found materials (except for computer ink). This peice is intentionally cluttered, unattractive and made of rotting wood pieces. Human rights violations, genocide and human violence is a misorganization and misuse of human energy, it is ugly and unattractive and it is a wrotten aspect of our history. The recycled or found nature of this piece is also in part to demonstrate the rights of the children of the future to live in a world not crumbling from environmental damage caused by us today. The piece guides you to ask questions as well as interacts with you, it defines genocide accoridng t the United Nations, and it tells you what is happening in the time you watch it, and calls you to be a part of a solution, a part of not letting history repeat itself.



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