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Altar de Muertos for my Grandmother

Posted on Nov 16, 2020  |   860 views  

I lost my grandmother at the beginning of the quarantine, being with her at the hospital, during her funeral and at the cemetery made the difference. Being supporting my mom made me feel better. It has been a sad time,The most impressive moment was when my grandma passed away and the glass of the window f the hospital drew with lights many cruces, even the doctors were taught and impressed at that moment. Today I sat up an "Altar de Muertos" with my family playing my grandma´s favorite music and remembering her with gratitude and love. I can´t imagine how people feel when they loose someone without being able to acompany them at the hospital especially, and without having a funeral where you are with the friends and family giving you hugs, I pray for them.

Diego Morales | 22 | Mexico | Mexico

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