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Posted on Nov 20, 2020  |   1077 views  

JAYU's iAm Program - COVID-19 has left our world feeling uncertain as ever. Leaving us to wonder what tomorrow will behold. Since many of us are unable to visit our loved ones or connect with close friends, it’s easy for us to feel like we are alone. My aim with this photo was to share to my audience that during this time YOU are not alone and as a community, we will fight through this crisis together. As I scroll through my phone, isolated in my own room, thoughts run through my head. “When will this all be over? How much longer must I wait? Will things ever go back to normal?” And like many, I’m anxious about the future. Yet, I still remain calm and just hope for better days to come.

Daksha Sathananthan | 16 | Canada

MediumPhotography, Colour

Related Issues Culture

Collections Creativity in Quarantine

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