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Not Just in Quarantine

Posted on Nov 20, 2020  |   899 views  

"Racist America sees undocumented immigrants as someone who took their jobs I see a hard working grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son,and daughter Racist America calls them an “illegal alien” I call them Mami, tía, y tío, primo o prima Racist America calls undocumented immigrants rapists, murderers, and criminals But forget to call out that ICE rapes, and murders undocumented children, mothers and fathers Racist America says “send them back to their country” Forgetting they are descendants of immigrants that fled their country and STOLE this land Racist America screams “all lives matter” “pro-life” While feeling proud of the law enforcement holding kids in cages, killing the heart and soul of my people Racist America tells undocumented immigrants to cross over “legally”, which takes more than 5 years As they rioted with guns and without required facemasks for quarantine orders to get lifted after 2 months Racist America felt the depression and anxiety as they were asked to stay away from their loved ones, the only connection was through a phone screen Yet man-made borders keeping grandparents limited from their grandchildren to just a screen not just in quarantine ALL the time #nobodyisillegalonstolenland" Young creatives from Las Fotos Project spring semester cohort had to go in quarantine mid-way through the term. A few of the young creatives chose to focus on the theme of quarantine for their project. Their cameras now became conduit for processing, analyzing and understanding a new world and a reanalysis of our own perspectives and past experiences.

Rocío Hernandez | 17 | United States

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