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Posted on Nov 20, 2020  |   928 views  

"These are my friends, well the majority of them. They where the group of kids I would spend every after school day with. They taught me how to skate and became some of my closest friends. Although they’re a billion times better than me they are my inspiration for skating and they push me to be better at it. Since we haven’t been in school for almost 3 months it’s been different skating without them. I don’t have my teachers to help me or critique me and make me laugh. The reason I like photographing them is because I feel that the beauty of skating and how much dedication goes into it isn’t really seen the way it should. It’s cool to have taken photos of one them doing a trick in the air making it look like gravity doesn’t exist. I think skating is not only a hobby but something people rely to cope with issues they face. I know for me it helps me get my mind off of things." Young creatives from Las Fotos Project spring semester cohort had to go in quarantine mid-way through the term. A few of the young creatives chose to focus on the theme of quarantine for their project. Their cameras now became conduit for processing, analyzing and understanding a new world and a reanalysis of our own perspectives and past experiences.

Xitlali Martinez | 16 | United States

MediumPhotography, Colour

Related Issues Culture

Collections Creativity in Quarantine

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