A New WWW: Well Water for the World!

Posted on Mar 3, 2013  |   1094 views  

Be 1 in 1 Billion! http://1in1billion.net GIVE US$0.99 (99 cents) to help bring a FREE donated LIFEFILTA.com water filter to a person in need who is drinking polluted water! We will do this for ANYONE in the world drinking polluted water until the number goes from 1.1 billion to ZERO! When Dr. Wilfried Fink created this outstanding video presentation, "A New WWW: Well Water for the World," he could not have known that just 1 year later, the ability to bring potable water to anyone in the world in need would be possible. Today, after 11/11/11 and on our way to 12/12/12, it indeed, is not only possible but is a reality being implemented globally by A Better Community For All (ABC4All). THANK YOU DR. FINK! Thank you LIFEFILTA.com. You can learn more at SAVING LIVES: http://sl.abc4all.net Learn more at http://www.lifefilta.com

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