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Posted on May 21, 2005  |   2325 views  

This painting represents a mixture of emotions. Definitely the feeling of being trapped in a web of emotions, in an environment that you don’t feel like you fit in or a place where you feel you have to give people a different perception of who you really are just to fit in. This could be in a relationship situation, work, peer pressure or just the world as a whole. This piece of artwork portrays the feeling of rage, anger, disappointment, failure and weakness, all of which could be associated with violence. People sometimes resort to violence when they feel inadequate or when they are just plain ignorant. It could also be a sign of weakness as there is always a more logical way of resolving issues or misunderstandings, but when you as an individual is not sure of who you really are or which way you want to go, people sometimes adapt to the environment their in, and can easily be influenced by friends, peer pressure etc. In conclusion, this painting represents a side of every one of us that may not necessarily be seen by any other but the inner side when we are alone or when we look in the mirror. If we can all look within ourselves, there is a scent of violence all around us to the point where we feel we can’t control what goes on in the world, so we just get used to it. We deal with it, and it's not until you can be honest with yourself that you realize that we are all entrapped in someway shape or form. However minute it may seem. Abi Adeyemi…….

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