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Water World

Posted on Dec 8, 2010  |   1316 views  

This picture portrays many boats surrounded by a great body of water. All the boats enjoy the day with unlimited water supply and do not worry about ever running out of water. They use the water for food, washing, bathing, and other personal needs that they might have. These people in the boats do not worry about anything as they have all the water they need. Due to this they over use their resources. The use their water supply over and over and over again even when they do not need it. All these people are involved in their own little water world. They never worry, never think about running out of water because their area is abundant. However, there is one particular boat that although does everything the rest of the boats do, has something that makes it different. This person inside the boat carries a telescope that helps him visualize what is ahead. Although he missuses the water as well, he likes to see beyond his water world and see what water lies ahead. As he looks he notices that ahead the water isn't as rich, high, and abundant as where they all are. He begins to worry and notices then that in the future he and the rest of the people won't have enough water supply to survive. There is not enough water ahead for everybody. They are all in risk pretty soon. He stops and looks back at how everybody is enjoying all the refreshing water. He opens up his water world and begins to save as much water as he can. That is the only way they are all going to be able to surive, if they all save water. That way when short water resources hit, they will all still have water left. He begins telling the rest what he just saw. He tells them all: "If you all want to survive, start saving water. Water is gold, we should use what we need and appreciate what we have. Lets save, not waste."

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