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Mnemonics for wisdom

Posted on Feb 20, 2004  |   3472 views  

Medium: Charcoal on Paper Size: 6"x8" Culture: Yoruba Artist: Adisa'biola Desciption Within the canon of culture, oral tradition in form of folktales teach both young and old a lot of lessons. In this case, in a synopsis, the tortoise,Ijapa, known to be very wise was said to take the mighty elephant to a false kingship throne. The elephant,Ererin, unknown to him was said to be very troublesome in the land so the other animals in the kingdom moved a motion to put a stop to the oppression, led and initiated by the crafty tortoise, the BIG elephant was put to shame. On a very deeply dug ground, a throne was decorated for the to be king-elephant. Songs and praises were sang with jubilation in escorting the "king" to the throne. Ao merin joba, we shall make elephant a king Ere ku ewele, its celebration galore Dreams! As the elephant stepped to sit, the whole throne including the elephant fell into the pit. So the tyrant eliminated from the kingdom. This teaches that one should not use his mightiness to oppress and that the wisdom of an ant ca tame an elephant Ogbon ju agbara lo, wisdom is greater than might


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