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Aditya Joshi

Aditya Joshi is a young and ambitious technocrat with intense desire to improve knowledge and understanding. After getting involved in various Information Technology related aspects, and building... read more Aditya Joshi is a young and ambitious technocrat with intense desire to improve knowledge and understanding. After getting involved in various Information Technology related aspects, and building academic career in Information Technology, the desire and experience has been growing up constantly. In addition to other interests, Information Technology has been Aditya’s favourite subject since his school days. Web Programming and designing, Network Communications, Information Retrieval, E-commerce and security, E-business, and Software Lifecycle have fascinated and engrossed him all the times. Usability Engineering has been one of his favourite research areas. Ever since Aditya joined his academic studies in the field of IT, he felt it mandatory to equip himself with deeper understanding of the subject and broadening his spectrum in the mentioned field. And now, IT has become the sky to fly for Aditya Joshi. After bright academic records in school, Aditya continued his study in the field of Information Technology. After completing his Bachelor of Information Technology form Saurashtra University (Gujarat – India) and achieving top rank in the university, Aditya Joshi continued his study in RMIT University (Melbourne – Australia). Aditya Joshi is currently pursuing the degree Master of Applied Science (Information Systems) from RMIT University. Aditya Joshi has been involved in many research projects and academic activities through out his study period in this esteemed university. Aditya also pursue leadership skills and he has been serving RMIT University as an active member of ‘Student & Staff Consultation Committee (SSCC)’ since last 1 year and also serving as student representative for the School of Computer Science and Information Technology. Aditya Joshi has been active member in various activities and projects carried out by RMIT Association of Indian Students (RAIS) and he is also a sound member of RMIT Postgraduate Association (RPA). Aditya also possess ‘Certificate in Computing’ from Indira Gandhi National Open University (India) and again he scored highest in his region. In addition to these academic milestones, Aditya Joshi acquired many certificates of skills from state and national government of India. A few of Aditya’s articles have been published in local news papers as well as in online journals. Before coming to Australia, Aditya Joshi has been working as Technical Marketing Executive for Dots & Coms, a premier web solutions company, for 2 years along with his graduate studies. This experience has been increasing Aditya’s skills and added many new dimensions to deal with the real life industry. Dots & Coms has been dealing exclusively in web solutions. Thousands of websites have been hosted by this company and a spectrum of websites designed ranging from multinational companies to nationalized banks and international portals across the globe. As Aditya worked at a high level position in Dots & Coms, he developed skills to work in teams and also generated leadership skills by leading a team of people working on various projects with diverse nature and complexity. Aditya has been independently looking after enhancements and maintenance of multiple projects simultaneously. Aditya has also been involved in client interaction and requirement analysis which has given him the gift of good communication skills. Aditya has hosted and addressed many seminars in educational institutes as well as in professional organizations and shared his knowledge and research with fellows. With getting more knowledge about the new research and other unexplored area, the excitement has been growing up. Aditya Joshi possesses industry-hardened skills but he is always keen to explore more and more possibilities. Aditya believes that working in industry is logical extension of his endeavors and the major step in achieving his objectives. Apart from these academic and professional dimensions, Aditya Joshi is always full of rhythms and music. From very young age, Aditya cultivated interest in arts, especially in music. He has learnt Indian classical vocal for 5 years and has been certified by ‘Gandharv Mahavidyalaya’ for his classical vocal skills. Aditya is coming from the family which has been highly reputed for its artistic members. Aditya’s father is a well known poet and scholar of the languages, so Aditya also derived interest in languages and literature from his family. Aditya is good at rhetoric as well. He has addressed seminars along with his studies about various areas ranging from IT to spirituality and music. Aditya has fond of photography and reading as well. Aditya Joshi is always keen to meet and communicate with people. He loved to be between people from diverse cultures. Thinking something innovative, novel and pioneering is one of his characteristic. Aditya Joshi believes that destiny is not a matter of chance but it is of choice. No one knows how high one can fly until one spreads his/her wings. These words have been guided him all the times. These words symbolize Aditya’s attitude and aspiration in life. As stated by Jackie Joyner Karee, “To achieve success, one needs three things – Dream, Hard work and Discipline.” Aditya Joshi possesses all of these three. And Aditya wants to be a seasoned campaigner on this globe, to spread his wings, and to make the choice of his destiny…

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