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Md. Akteruzzaman

Hello, This is A K ZAMAN, you can simply call me "Zaman". I involve in the field of ICT for Development Profession and also work with youth community of Bangladesh. On 2001, I first introduced... read more Hello, This is A K ZAMAN, you can simply call me "Zaman". I involve in the field of ICT for Development Profession and also work with youth community of Bangladesh. On 2001, I first introduced multimedia digital magazine in Bangladesh. Now I am working for ICT4D and as a multimedia consultant I am working with several national and international projects simultaniously. And will happy...if I can contribute any project required multimedia consultancy specially related to Telecom or youth. After attending WSIS Geneva event on 2003, I have started Bangladesh Youth Forum to represent Bangladeshi Youth Globally.We alreay enlisted 2000 youth member and hosting many youth activities locally. I attend and speak several international events including UN WSIS Phase I, Global ICT Summit, International Youth Summit, etc. As a person, I love travelling and feel friendly with new culture and new friends. Most of the time I always busy with my computer... making design, learning new tools and dispatch tutorial.... I dream a new youth friendly world where I found all the youth treated equally and they are getting full access of technology. I am realy worried about limitation of access by 90% youth of the developing countries like Bangladesh and I sincerely involve my time, effort and skill to improve this situation. Even last 3 years I am living in Rome, Italy...I would like to start a village project in Bagerhat(Bangladesh) if I get slimier same minded friends. As a youth I feel that young people constitute the largest percentage of online: we go online more than anyone else, we stay online longer, and we have more diverse online activities. Yet, youth are rarely given the opportunity to be engaged in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy development. If the WSIS is to effect real change, it must involve youth in program/project implementation as well as in the broader context of youth participation and multi-stakeholder consultation in ICT decision-making such as Internet Governance and national e-strategies. I sincerely expect that we should have a chance to speak our "youth" views in perspect of developing and developed country's youth to make people centered and active youth policy. My Experience: As a youth ICT professional I participate WSIS-I with Bangladesh Government Delegation Team under Ministry of Science and ICT. I was one of the keynote speaker of Hongkong "Global ICT Summit 2004" and I will also present "Internet Governance in perspect of Developing Countries" at upcoming Baku ICT Conference 2004 along with our Science and ICT Minister H.E.Dr. Abdul Moyeen Khan. Besides, I have selected expert panel member of WSA (World Summit Award on e-content & Creativity) for Bangladesh and later exclusively selected as Grand Jury for Global contest which was one of the most influenced event at WSIS Geneva. Plz visit Here I was able to evaluate over 800 products around the world. Currently I am running a TIG projects named "Bangladesh Youth Forum on ICT" as Founder & President. I was also the president of Bangladesh Multimedia Association (BMA) and also involved with ICT media (Multimedia Tutorial & Feature writer) in Bangladesh. I am the Founder of WSIS-II Youth Bangladesh( under TIG where I empowered youth at national and international level. Some list of my online profile: Profile TakingITGlobal Membeship YouthActionNet.Org Global Alliance Member YCDO-Youth Creating Digital Opportunity membership community/profile.html?memberid=26319 Portal - e-content Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth: Bangladesh's National ICT Policy The Daily Bangladesh Observer Currently I am working in Rome, Italy. I am the Editor of local daily magazine called The Daily Protidin for Bangladesh Community living in Rome and also Editor of Khoz Khabor. We have also founded RONGDHANU- A free info service organisation. Recently I am very much interested to keep in touch with my TELECOM experts friends. Specially my passion....installing IP based TELECOM SERVICE and TELECOM TERMINATION is my aims. But my profession is simple...currently I am Marketing Manager of local Money transfer agency with more than 300 branch in Italy with more than 70 thousands of subscriber to send remittance to more than 30 countries.

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