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Young Leadership

Posted on Nov 5, 2005  |   3470 views  

The Middle East Struggle, especially the struggle of Yasser Arafat can’t be forgotten and can't be ignored. Yasser Arafat also started his struggle at a young age and became a leader of the youth as a young and brave man. Although he is not with us, today's young generation in the Middle East continue to follow in his footsteps. Now they can all strive to be the best leaders and they can choose the best leader amongst them. In this image I tried to show the hope of leadership in youths. A baby wants to ride a liger (Liger is combination of Lion & Tiger) and little girls praying to God for a Leader who can represent them and lead them. There is also a picture of Yasser Arafat in the background which conveys that not only today, but in past there was a need for a youthful leadership for the development of our country and also in future there will be a need for them.


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