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Posted on Sep 19, 2014  |   1786 views  

This painting was created during an inclusive show where people who have differences, and are seen in society to have a disability where performing there talents to show that they are also a resource in our community and that they are not only their disability. This painting was created as a collaboration between three people , myself Sophie Levesque , Jean-Luc Oakes and Raymond Belzile. We created the painting during the show that also included people from Maine , United-States , and Quebec during the Congret Mondial Acadien. This painting represent the collaboration between different people who all have differences but together are able to create a piece of art. The painting is a painting of the view of the village where the show took place in St-Francois of Madawska view from the United-State Border. This show accomplish what it was meant to which was to take down boundaries to come together and create art and showcase our talents.


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