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Posted on Nov 15, 2003  |   3829 views  

Despite the emergence of modern technology, a poor man's life is now simply beyond the reach of the information society, He is tangled up in his own needs. It does not matter to him what progress man has made in science or technology but what is important to him that he gets the access to the basic necesstites of life, while on the other hand, A member of the information society is living a confused life in his own glamour and surroundings, the distance between the two divergent societies is visible. What needs to be realized that all what we in IS consider significant , might be as dark and as bleak as the image on the right to a man lacking cllothes, hungry and thirsty! Before the gap widens, we have to bridge the distances within our communities..and it reuires instant action! Making technology beneficial....for EVERYONE!


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