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I am Kenya Part 1

Posted on Jun 3, 2015  |   1233 views  

This piece was created by K-Youth Media. "Can we as a country dissociate our identity from a polarizing ethnic one? Are we even aware of our identity biases? Can we generate authentic and personal narratives to displace and disrupt mainstream ones? Can we displace mainstream media as the sole source of narratives and cultivate our own, independent, specific, local, agile distribution sources and influence our local interactions? #IAmKenya seeks to do just this. By providing an opportunity for voices of women and girls to pass through these barriers and promote peace; By catalyzing positive social action that fosters national cohesion and unity among Kenyans; By recognizing and celebrating our beautiful diversity and creating points of convergence around this diversity for nationhood to prosper; By including divergent views and voices and building a foundation of dialogue, openness and tolerance, for cohesive communities; By providing young people the means to generate their own content, to embrace their own biases and prejudices, to challenge and disrupt common narratives and displace them with a new way of thinking, acting and being, we will succeed in beginning the arduous task of dismantling this ethnic monolith that prevents us from being Kenya, the land of the great."

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