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Mangrove Death and Rebirth

Posted on Jun 16, 2015  |   1568 views  

This piece was created by the AYV program at the Caye Caulker Ocean Academy Belize. "Most of the mangroves in the area are being cut down but if you look a bit closer you can see the young mangroves in the background fighting for a chance to live. I care about the mangrove because they support everything we live, literally and figuratively. They are home and nursery to small fish, who in turn go the reef which is the basis of our economy. They protect our island from hurricanes. As a young Belizean, I care deeply. Every mangrove that disappears, saddens me, and also fuels my passion to protect them. This image is one way I can share this message and educate others. I used Adobe Lightroom to modify my photos of mangroves on Caye Caulker, to show a vibrant live mangrove in the center, with the threat of destruction on either side."

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