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Corruption in the Society

Posted on Jan 24, 2012  |   2327 views  

Artist(s): Anonymous Organization: Kenya Telecentres Link Description: (The play starts when two friends, Santos and Diego get into a business partnership) DIEGO: I have always wanted to join politics; I think I have made a good decision (shaking hands with his friend) SANTOS: Politics is a very sweet game. I hope you will enjoy and see its benefits. DIEGO: I hope so Diego. (They depart from the office and went to there various places) (In Diego’s house) DIEGO: Yes Paulina my beloved daughter I fully succeeded. We are no longer poor again infact you are going to continue with your studies in the university in Germany very soon. PAULINA: (Jumping up and down with a lot of happiness) I can’t wait to tell mum about this good message.(She run to her mum and explains everything to her) TERESA: My daughter don’t waste this opportunity, go and study hard to achieve your dream of becoming a nurse. You have just got a great opportunity, make use of it. PAULINA: Yes mum I will. (Next day very early in the morning a phone rings from the office where Diego works.) DIEGO: Hallo Santos what is it this time? Am I needed in the office? SANTOS: Yes, there is an election of choosing the president of the company, we are all needed in the election by 10:00 o’clock to discus who will be our next president. DIEGO: I will soon be there. I promise. (They all gather and the meeting starts) SANTOS: We have gathered here so as to elect who will be our next president. I hope you will all co-operate in this matter. DIEGO: I volunteer to work as the president of this company. SANTOS: No, it can’t be, you are just a new member. (They pick up a quarrel and start throwing abuses at each other.) SANTIAGO: Stop it! (Looking very annoyed) we have to postpone this meeting till next week. You may depart. (They break break up there friendship due to the problems they each faced) DIEGO :( Thinking on how to get rid of Santos ) I have to kill this man in order for me to be the president. But how will I do it? (He thinks of a plan)


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