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Incoko 1

Posted on May 28, 2013  |   2435 views  

Artist(s): Meghan Daniels Organization: Ilizwi Photo Club Ilizwi Photo Club’s young photographers from Khayelitsha Township bring you fresh stories from their community in, ‘Incoko,’ an exhibition celebrating voice. They explore and create dialogue across a wide range of themes, people and spaces- harnessing a combination of ideas, perspectives, experiences, knowledge and understanding. By delving into multidimensional stories and authentic narratives, they amplify the voice of those that often go unheard, raise awareness around pertinent issues and tell the stories of: youth trying to understand their role in society the impact that people have on spaces journeys of high school dropouts community concerns resilient women colourful ‘abantwana’ humourous ‘tamkulus’ ‘ekasi’ creatives whimsical strangers unsung heroes shop vendors barbers and more Incoko hopes to work towards building social cohesion by sparking conversation around these stories, your stories, South Africa’s stories. What’s your voice? Let’s hear it!

South Africa

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