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Child soldier

Posted on May 28, 2013  |   3082 views  

Artist(s):Poornima Meegammana Organization: Shilpa Sayura Foundation Child Soldier 10m Short Film is a story about a little boy who turned to a child soldier and his struggle for freedom. We recommend to switch off your lights and switch on your sounds for a cinematic experience created by over 75 youth from Kandy City and Lahugala Village. They collaborated in every role in feature film making to shoot this film for 20 days during rainy school holidays. They made own rigs and used DSLR cameras to explore cinema techniques to learn to use action, thriller and drama for story telling for social change. This is the first public screening. The film shall be exhibited on April New Year 15th at Lahugala Village. The film was made to make people aware how child soldiers are made, the suffering they go through and need for social action to free them. The youth express their message to a second chance to child soldiers when they return to society after rehabilitation. This film was exhibited online, at community and school exhibitions.

Sri Lanka

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