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Posted on Aug 24, 2005  |   1875 views  

This graphic has flashes Music is an incredibly powerful form of expression. It combines both words and sound to deliver a message. There is no doubt, there is a strong connection between music and our feelings. While the music is fun and solid, it rise above all - enters the "great" zone,Sometimes, things happen in a way that we do not want nor expect them to be. When this happens, we should never let the unexpected things take control of our emotions, rather we should keep our head above every situation. So instead of being despondent, be positive about it. My anit drug is music! i like to listen to alot of music. ... Here, I am going to look specifically at how music can be used to help those in situations of addiction. I believe that there are a lot of things waiting for you there to be discovered..

United Arab Emirates

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